RAF 166 Squadron

Crew Photographs - Missing or Lost

Lancaster Mk I  AS-Z  ME749

Flg. Off. Garth Harrison and Crew

J Marsden H Pickford
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Back Flg. Off. Geoff V. O'Brien - RAAF - Mid Upper Gunner(POW) Front Sgt. Eric W. J. Ashford - RAF - Air Bomber (POW)
Row Sgt. Jack Marsden - RAF - Flight Engineer (evaded capture) Row Plt. Off. Garth T. Harrison - RAAF - Pilot (evaded capture)
  Sgt. R. William(Bill) Watson - RAAF - Navigator (evaded capture)   Sgt. Robert H. Haynes - RAF - W/Op. (evaded capture)
  Sgt. Terry Kelly - RAAF- Rear Gunner (replaced by Sgt. H. Pickford)  (insert) Sgt. Harry Pickford - RAF - Rear Gunner (KIA)
Lost - 3/4 May 1944

Tasking Mailly-le-Camp, France

Circumstantial evidence suggests shot down by

German ace Hauptmann Martin Drewes
Sgt. Jack Marsden (RAF)

Flight Engineer
Sgt. Eric W. J. Ashford (RAF)

Air Bomber

Plt. Off. Garth T. Harrison (RAAF)

Flg. Off. Geoff V. O' Brien (RAAF)

Mid Upper Gunner

Sgt. R. William(Bill) Watson (RAAF)

Sgt. Robert H. Haynes (RAF)


21 Mar. 1944   Posted into squadron
  Notes   Notes
Missions:  9 Apr. 1944 W4994  AS-Z Villeneuve St. George   24 Apr. 1944  LL916  AS-N Karlsruhe  
  11 Apr. 1944 " Aachen   26 Apr. 1944  ME749  AS-Z Essen  
18 Apr. 1944 " Rouen   27 Apr. 1944  " Friedrichshafen  
20 Apr. 1944 " Cologne Mission abandoned 
R/G ill
30 Apr. 1944  " Maintenon  
22 Apr. 1944 " Dusseldorf   3/4 May 1944  " Mailly-le-Camp A/C Shotdown