RAF 166 Squadron

Grave Markers - 'E'

Commonwealth War Graves
Commemorated in perpetuity by

the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

J M Everill

Flg. Off. J. M. Everill  RAF - 11th April 1943


J G Eldridge

Flt. Lt. J. G. Eldridge   DFC & BAR   RAF - 24th May 1943


L H Ellerker

Flg. Off. L. H. Ellerker  RAF - 13th July 1944

photograph courtesy Peter Bennett

V D Elliott

Flt. Sgt. V. D. Elliott  RCAF - 8th January 1945

photograph courtesy the Maple Leaf Legacy Project

J J Eaton

Sgt. J. J. Eaton  RAF - 28th April 1944


F A C Efemey

Flt. Sgt. F. A. C. Efemey  RAF - 3rd December 1943

photograph courtesy Dirk Hartmann

D W Eastcott

Flt. Sgt. D. W. Eastcott  RAF - 23rd February 1945

photograph courtesy Dom Howard

W S Evans

Flt. Sgt. W. S. Evans  RAAF - 28th November 1944

photograph courtesy Mark Charnley

E L Ellis

Flg. Off. E. L. Ellis  RAF - 23rd February 1945

photograph courtesy Dom Howard

T T Evans

Flt. Sgt. T. T. Evans  RAF - 22nd March 1944

photograph courtesy Dom Howard

B S W Elliott

Sgt. B. S. W. Elliott  RAF - 25th July 1944

photograph courtesy Alec Briggs

L English

Sgt. L. English  RAF - 29th September 1943

photograph courtesy Klaus Steffensen

* Information on 166 Squadron losses and graves used with the kind permission of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission *
* Grave Marker information Researched and Compiled by Robert John Wilton & David R. Swallow*