RAF 166 Squadron

--- Wellington Mk X HF596 AS-A Crew ---

HF596 Crew
L to R    Sgt. R Carlon - Air Bomber,  Flg. Off. R. P. Swallow - Navigator,

  Flt. Sgt. A. P. Bates - Pilot,  Unknown,  Sgt. A. Bromby - Wireless Op.

Front  Sgt. G. W. D. Dean - Rear Gunner
* Currently there are no know photographs of G W D Dean other than the group one above *
Robert Philpot Swallow Ronald Carlon  Arthur Bromby  Albert Bates 
Robert P. Swallow Ronald Carlon Arthur Bromby Albert P. Bates
Orders of Battle for AS-A  HF596
 Date  Tasking 
18/19 July 1943  Gardening (Artichokes) 
24/25 July 1943  Hamburg 
25/26 July 1943  Essen 
3 August 1943 - for this mission flew aircraft HE742 Sea Search - Nothing Seen
12/13 August 1943  - for this mission flew aircraft HF570 Gardening (Artichokes) 
15/16 August 1943  - crew missing - nothing heard after take off Gardening (Nectarines I) 
HF596 loss map

Map Courtesy Aircrew Rememberance Society
post script...

On 15/16.8.1943 two Wellingtons were claimed over the North Sea by Leutnant Heinz Grimm

of IV Gruppe NJG1.

It appears HF596 was one of these aircraft.

The combat took place at a very low level of 80 meters and HF596 crashed into the North Sea

approximately 80 kilometers north west of Vlieland
  at 00.36hrs Monday 16th August

Other returning crew confirmed seeing the Wellington go down in flames and the aircraft burning on

the water.

Leutnant Grimm claimed 29 aircraft downed with 27 of these confirmed.

He was shot down by German flak over Bremen 8/9.10.1943.
BF110g BF110g
BF110g Heinz GrimmBailed out badly burned and died 13.10.1943.

buried at the Lutherstadt Eisleben-Alter Friedhof

Other crew

Ofw. Walter Czybulka (radar/radio Op.),

bailed out and died of injuries 13.10.43,

Uffz. Werner Behrendt (AG), bailed out, wounded.

Aircraft Identification: Bf110G-4 Serial 5346 Code G9+CE

(Picture of similar aircraft right)

Sources: II/NJG2-IV/NJG1 Abschuss Tafel

Abschusskcommission listings

Private sources in Germany

Leutnant Heinz Grimm photograph courtesy Gerhard Bracke
Original Headstone damaged by vandals
New Headstone
Heinz Grimm grave marker photographs courtesy Dom Howard